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Candy Apple Kit
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Make great tasting Candy Apples with Concord’s Candy Apple Kit. Each box contains Candy Apple Mix and 12 sticks. Add 2-1/2 cups of sugar and cook as directed on package. Coats up to 12 fresh apples. This traditional red, hard candy coating makes eating apples on a stick a delicious treat for kids. Also great for fairs and other fund raising events.
3 oz $2.99


Caramel Apple Kit
This kit makes 12 delicious soft, chewy Caramel Apples. Each box contains 12 sticks and caramel mix. Just add milk and sugar as directed. For added variety, dip caramel apples in chopped nuts or coconut. Great for fairs and other fundraising events.
3 oz $2.99


Caramel Apple Wrap
Our one-of-a-kind Caramel Apple Wrap is the perfect old-world treat. Easy as stretching the individual Wraps over apples and warming briefly in the oven or microwave. Each kit contains 5 caramel disks and sticks – just add apples. Caramel Apple Wrap is also great for adding a layer of caramel to your favorite baking recipe.

6.5oz $5.99

Apple Crisp
A wonderful, old-fashioned fruit dessert – slices of tender, sweet apples under a crispy, flavorful topping of buttery, cinnamon crumbs. Apple Crisp is simple to make, impressive to serve and delicious to taste. Kit requires 6-8 medium to large apples and five tablespoons butter or margarine.






Creamy Caramel Apple Dip NON GMO
Each tub contains 14 ounces of sweet, Creamy Caramel.
Out of Stock

  A caramel dip which tastes great and is made with recognizable ingredients and NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, NO high fructose corn syrup and is Non-GMO. Clearly it's time for Simply Concord. Snack Size Tubs, Non GMO, No artificial Flavors or Ingredients,Delicious with apples or other fruit

14 oz $4.99


Chocolate Fruit Dip  Dip
Out of Stock

Each tub contains 14 ounces 
NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, NO high fructose corn syrup and is Non-GMO.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk (sugar, milk) alkalized cocoa, glycerin, sugar, invert cane syrup, palm oil, natural flavor, chocolate liquor, pectin, salt, sunflower lecithin


14 oz




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